Friday, April 15, 2011

Learn This Little-Known Method Of Choosing The Ideal Puppy

There’s a saying that there is an ideal dog for everybody…the trick though is in finding that right dog. Truth be told though you don’t need a magic trick in selecting your ideal dog because there’s actually a tried-and-proven straight forward method to do. And for me that’s the best part about getting a dog because unlike family…you actually get to choose!

So You Are Looking To Get A Puppy

Before I continue I am going to make a number of assumptions here, the main one being that you already know the type of dog breed that you wish to get. This article is about choosing the right puppy so I really won’t delve into depth about the various dog breeds.

However suffice it to say that out of all the hundreds of dog breeds, there most certainly is one that is just right for you. Finding that right puppy though requires an honest assessment and evaluation on your part such as…

…you already have in mind the role your dog will play; a role which will most likely fall under any of the following:

    * Playmate for the kids
    * Companion
    * Protector
    * Show performer
    * Herder
    * Hunter

Furthermore I am going to conclude that since you have already mentally designated a role to your dog then you have already settled on a breed.

This part shouldn’t be hard at all because the various dog breeds were bred and developed to carry out these functions. Some of the dog breeds are more capable than others at performing the various tasks (indeed some dog breeds are able to perform all of them [the so-called muti-taskers of the canine world; e.g., the German Shepherd] ).
Now all you have to do is decide which dog breed covers your needs.

Oh…one other thing, your homework also requires an honest unbiased assessment on how you and your furry friend are going to co-exist. In other words you need to ensure that:

    * Your lifestyle and personality complement your dog’s genetic heritage
    * You can devote enough time to your dog
    * Your living arrangement is suitable for both you and your dog
    * The climatic conditions will not make your dog’s life a misery

Okay now that we have ascertained that you have carefully decided on the type of dog breed you wish to get and also that you have covered other important parameters such as living arrangements, climate etc., let’s tackle the topic at hand.

How To Choose Your Best Fit Puppy

Just like siblings in a given family tend to have widely different characters so do puppies from the same litter.  So in the same litter of puppies it is not uncommon to find a boisterous, rowdy outgoing puppy as well as a timid, shy puppy that is literally scared of its own shadow!

So why is it important to be able to tell which puppy is which? Well consider the following:

    * By 7 weeks of age a puppy has attained its adult dog character!

    * Most abandoned dogs become so because their owners are at their wits end and can’t cope with them any longer; a situation they could have avoided had they chosen the right puppy!

    * Puppies from the same litter have different dispositions; some are sweet and some will become overly dominant menaces!
    * Some puppies are easy to train while others are downright difficult!

    * Some puppies love human companionship while others are outright anti-social!

    * Some puppies will mature into dogs that are way too difficult to handle by the 1st time dog owner!

Those are some very good reasons to be determine the character and nature of your dog while it is still a puppy.

At 7 Weeks Of Age You Can Tell How Your Puppy Will Behave As An Adult Dog!

Did you know that as far as puppies go what you see is what you get by the time the puppy is seven weeks old. In other words if you know what you are doing you can tell precisely how your puppy will behave as a mature dog!

It is important to remember that though your puppy is now an adorable, cute bundle of joy, in the not so distant future he/she will become a lot bigger and a lot less manageable; unless of course he/she is amenable and compliant to your instructions.

Having a great relationship with your dog means having a well trained dog but unfortunately this is not possible with some dogs for the simple fact that they are either too anti-social or are either downright stubborn.

There’s no doubt that the different dog breeds are characterized by specialized behavioral traits, but the truth of the matter is that within each and every litter of puppies from a given dog breed, those puppies are going to exhibit very different personalities.

If You Wish To Have A Great Relationship With Your Dog…

Then you’ll most likely want to choose a puppy that:

    * Matures into a dog that is easily trainable
    * Is sociable and loves being around people
    * Will follow your lead and obey your instructions
    * Won’t become a overly dominant alpha male that is a menace to everybody
    * Becomes a dog with a sweet disposition that is a delight to everyone

Remember earlier on I said that by seven weeks of age your puppy has already developed its adult personality? Well not only has the puppy developed its adult personality by then but it is also exhibiting it!

All you need to be able to do is interpret the signs that puppy is exhibiting at 7 weeks and in effect you can choose the precise dog personality that you desire!

There’s actually a simple and straight-forward procedure to establish the future personality of a dog by testing it when it is a puppy; anybody can perform this simple test.